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Oil and Gas Industry Cycle – BP

This video clearly shows a general model of an integrated oil company. It covers everything from exploration to marketing.

The integration across the company allows to share functional efficiency and quality across different areas: technical, safety, environmental and management.

 Upstream Technology – BP

In this video it is possible to find out more about the valuable contribution of technological development in the oil and gas industry.

The new and different technologies are supporting oil companies to improve the discovery of new oil and gas fields and to optimize and maximize the recovery from existing fields.

Oil Drilling – Oil & Gas Animations

This video shows how geologists and geophysicists try to find a potential field and then, must drill to hit them. The best position for the installation of the drilling equipment is determined is generally vertically above the point of maximum thickness of the geological layer suspected of containing hydrocarbons. The drillers then make a hole in conditions that are sometimes difficult.


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Oil & Gas Formation – Oil & Gas Videos

This video animation clearly and simply describes the process of origin of oil and gas. A long “journey” which represents the story of oil and gas that began hundreds of millions of years ago when the Earth was covered in swamplands filled with trees and the seas were teaming with microscopic plants and animals and that ends with the generation of liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons.

Marine Seismic Acquisition – AAPG

This video covers a typical method and technology involved in the exploration for hydrocarbon deposits in the earth’s subsurface.

It is dedicated to presents the common marine seismic survey: the process of acquisition of seismic data.

Reservoir Engineering – PETEX University

A tutorial video which greatly explains the vital role of Reservoir Engineering in the context of an oil and gas field cycle.

All the main issues are presented in order to give evidence to fundamentals of this engineering discipline and the way the acquired reservoir data are used for a complete reservoir evaluation and monitoring.

Reservoir Engineering – Gas EOR – Chevron

This video shows gas EOR lab application to understand how oil, gas and water interact, and how easily oil can flow when it contacts with the gas.

Coring Operations – ALS Oil and Gas group, Corpro

A clear presentation of the coring process: a valuable tool of Formation Evaluation.

In particular, innovative coring techniques and tools are shown.

Wireline Formation Pressure Testing And Sampling – Halliburton

A dedicated video to another fundamental tool of Formation Evaluation.

Wireline formation pressure testing and sampling runs are vital in order to acquire important reservoir data. These should be quick, completed in a single descent, provide pure single phase fluid samples, and deliver the required pressure tests along with the associated mobilities and pressure gradients.

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Value Chain – ExxonMobil

An animation describing the full LNG value chain of production, liquefaction, transportation, and regasification.


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Oil Well Drilling Process with Animation – Shell 

In this oil drilling video, you will learn about oil rig systems and working in the oil industry. Terms discussed are: bit, drill collar, drill string, derrick, oil pipe line, blowout preventer, diesel engine, shale shake, fracking and more.

Offshore Platforms – BP

If you are fascinated by the offshore oil industry, take a look at how offshore platforms work, including the different varieties and the unique aspects of each which suit different conditions. In a short but really well produced video, it is possible to realize how complex and challenging is this sector of the oil industry.

This video explains the basics of how offshore deep water wells are drilled, including explanations and visualization of important components, processes and techniques that drilling rigs use today to safely drill wells. Drilling wells is one of the most important activities in the process of finding hydrocarbon reservoirs and producing oil and gas.

Scientific Deep Sea Drilling and Coring Technology – jamstecchannel

The video shows scientific ocean drilling and coring technology.

Scientific Deep Sea Drilling Vessel CHIKYU is the state-of-the-art research vessel exploring the deep earth by sampling, measuring and monitoring operated by JAMSTEC. The Earth deep below the seafloor contains a unique record of our planet’s evolution and structure. This research helps us answer questions about fundamental aspects of our planet such as the environment, the biosphere, solid earth cycles, and geodynamics.

Directional Drilling – Chesapeak Energy

Directional drilling is the science of deviating a wellbore along a planned path to a target located a given lateral distance and direction from vertical. This video shows how it is possible to drill an horizontal well (efficiently and safely) for the exploitation of hydrocarbon reservoirs.

A complex process which involves highly specialized technology and manpower and that has really changed the upstream sector.

New Drilling Technology RSS – Baker Hughes

This video shows one of  the technological improvement in the oil well drilling area.

The proprietary tool and technology  rotary steerable system provides better drilling economics, exact wellbore placement, and faster drilling in unconventional plays.

It reduces the time on the well with reliable performance, less risk, and an improved bottom line.

Well Completion – Weatherford

This video shows one of the technique of plug-and-perf completions. They  are extremely flexible multistage well completion techniques for cased hole wells. Each stage can be perforated and treated optimally because options can be exercised up to the moment the perforating gun is fired.

The process consists of pumping a plug and perforating guns to a given depth. The plug is set, the zone perforated, and the tools removed from the well. A ball is pumped down to isolate the zones below the plug and the fracture stimulation treatment is pumped in. The ball-activated plug diverts fracture fluids through the perforations into the formation. After the stage is completed, the next plug and set of perforations are initiated, and the process is repeated moving further up the well.

Well Completion : Perforation – Harvest Chemical solutions

This video shows a perforating methods of a well.

Fishing Operations – Weatherford

One of the typical drilling problem is presented in this video. In particular, open-hole fishing is done as the well is being drilled

This short video will show an overview of what is fishing, some open-hole fishing causes, tools, techniques and ways to handle fishing jobs.

Coiled Tubing Operations – Halliburton

In this presentation, a proprietary system (Halliburton) is presented. This is designed with the well-control package preassembled on a mast, improving operational efficiency, reducing rig-up time, and creating a safer rigsite environment.

The system includes a new larger-capacity reel trailer, higher-capacity injector rated and an auxiliary mast unit with well-control equipment and power pack, with a new dedicated boom truck crane.

Production Gas Lift – Weatherford

A video introducing gas-lift theory and technology used in artificial lift. It is illustrated the artificial-lift method in which gas is injected into the production tubing to reduce the hydrostatic pressure of the fluid column. The resulting reduction in bottom-hole pressure allows the reservoir liquids to enter the wellbore at a higher flow rate

Oil & Gas Recovery – Reef Oil and Gas

This video shows the secondary and tertiary oil recovery process. Secondary recovery techniques extend a field’s productive life generally by injecting water or gas to displace oil and drive it to a production wellbore, resulting in the recovery of 20 to 40 percent of the original oil in place.

Oil companies use enhanced oil recovery (EOR), techniques that offer prospects for ultimately producing 30 to 60 percent, or more, of the reservoir’s original oil in place.

Plug and Abandonment Systems – Schlumberger Technology

This video shows the relevant operations of a typical well P&A: cut and retrieve casing, mill and underream the wellbore, and recover the wellhead and surface casing


These video provide a tutorial on the step-by-step process to explore for and eventually develop natural gas from shale safely and responsibly. It is only over the past decade that energy companies have combined two established technologies to unlock this resource

Video – How Oil And Gas Is Extracted From Shale

Video – Natural Gas from Shale

Video – Using Hydraulic Fracturing and Horizontal Drilling for Natural Gas Production

Unconventional Oil & Gas – Shell

In this video it is possible to see the full life cycle of a tight or shale oil or gas well: through planning and building a pad, exploring for oil and gas, developing a location and producing oil or gas.

It will be presented  how is possible to drill and hydraulically fracture a tight oil or gas well, and what a producing pad typically looks like once drilling is complete. Then at the end of its life we close the well, and reclaim the location.

Hydraulic Fracturing – Marathon Oil Co.

This video shows safe, cost-effective refinements in hydraulic fracturing, horizontal drilling and other innovations which now allow for the production of oil and natural gas from tight shale formations that previously were inaccessible. This video introduces the proven techniques used to extract resources from shale formations in a safe, environmentally responsible manner.

Offshore Oil & Gas Production (Platform) – Edison

A very interesting video in which is described an important offshore installation.

Vega oil field is located in the Sicilian Channel, 20 km south of Pozzallo (Italy). In production since 1987, Vega platform was developed with 24 wells, and located in 130 metres of water.
The platform can process 60.000 barrels of oil per day.

Close to Vega platform there’s a floating storage and offloading tanker (Leonis) with a capacity of 110,000 tons to temporary store production.
The crude oil is transported from the Leonis to refineries by tankers shuttles.

Offshore Oil & Gas Production (FPSO) – SBM Offshore

A simple but clear introduction to the FPSO (Floating Production, storage and Offloading system) principles.  Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) installation is a floating facility, usually based on a (converted) oil tanker hull. It is equipped with hydrocarbon processing equipment for separation and treatment of crude oil, water and gases, arriving on board from sub-sea oil wells via flexible pipelines.

Subsea Production (Separation) System – FMC Technologies

In this video is presented a subsea separation system for the efficient development of offshore fields.

This system is designed to separate the multiphase fluids on the seabed and then send the oil and gas streams with a minimum amount of water either together or using separate lines to the surface for further treatment. Separated water may be re- injected back to formation either for disposal or for pressure maintenance.

Subsea Production Technology – Akersolutions

This animation shows high precision installations in harsh conditions as well as subsea processing. It takes along the seafloor by manifolds and clusters and ends with vision of the subsea factory.

PRODUCTION – EnQuest plc – nauhcmik2 – VisCo

These video explain the complex range of activities for the development and production of offshore oil and gas fields because their development is a task characterised by its versatility and high degree of uncertainty. The criticality of good decision making at this stage is further stressed by the fact that the choice of a development strategy is of great co

Video – Offshore field develop

Video – FPSO (Floating Production Storage Offloading)

Oil and Gas – 3D Animation 

Natural Gas Processing – Honeywell

Gas processing is fundamental step before the delivery of the resource to the final users.

This animation demonstrates one of the proprietary (UOP)step-by-step process to remove contaminants from natural gas and recover high-value natural gas liquids.


Deepwater Pipeline Repair System – Chevron

This video explains how a new, innovative pipeline repair system helps us protect the environment and ensure business continuity. This is part of the strong commitment that oil companies face up for a safe, sustainable and efficient business.

LNG – Shell

This video shows one typical alternative gas transport solution adopted by many industry companies: cooling the gas to -162°C (-260°F) turns it to liquid for easier, safe shipment to faraway markets overseas.

Crude Oil Distillation Process – Part 1 and 2 – Chemical Engineerings

Describe the industrial process by which the crude oil is refined to produce petroleum products such as gasoline, diesel fuel, asphalt base, heating oil, kerosene and liquefied petroleum gas.

The separation process is called fractional distillation.

Video – Part 1

Video – Part 2


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Mechanical Maintenance (Valves and Process Pumps)

This is a tutorial video which shows the importance of valve maintenance

Valve maintenance is the best way of managing control valves, in order to control fluid flow.

Maintenance, Electrical and Instrumentation – Imperial Oil/Esso 

This video presents the vital role of electrical maintenance and instrumentation for an oil and gas plant.

Electrical and instrumentation services may include the design, construction and testing of electrical switchboards, marshalling cabinets, control cabinets and industrial process automation systems to the on-site construction of electrical and instrumentation facilities, to end-to-end testing, calibration and adjustment, commissioning and technical assistance to operation and maintenance staff.

Gas Turbine Repair and Maintenance from Sulzer

This video shows the components of a gas turbine and their own services on rehabilitation.


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Renewable Alternative Energy with Geothermal Energy -Chevron

This video describes how to produce geothermal energy, a renewable energy resource that captures the natural power of steam from the earth to generate electricity while producing almost no greenhouse emissions.