Petroleum Training Experts

Serintel Petroleum Training Experts, working with technology transfer and managerial knowledge, possess requisites, qualities and characteristics adequate to perform  their assignment giving full satisfaction to the client.

In addition to the technical and managerial experience, they supply the theoretical  and practical training assuring:

  • Clear communication
  • Correct terminology
  • Group dynamics attention
  • Multicultural context respect
  • Advanced training methodologies use
  • Maximum relevance to HSE issues
  • Company & Legal regulation sensitiveness

The complete list of teachers includes several hundreds of petroleum experts from European, African and Asian countries.

Some of typical instructors, teachers and mentors profiles are presented in this section.


Salvatore Alescio holds a Master degree in Petroleum Engineering and a Master in Marketing & Sales and has over 20 years experience in Oil&Gas industry,  spanning in Quality & Safety, Engineering, Project Coordination and Project Management.

He started his career with Halliburton as QHSE Coordinator,  afterwards as Field/Sales Engineer for Cementing and Production Enhancement departments; moreover, he has been Coil Tubing, Nitrogen and Special Services Coordinator managing, several Italian and international Oil&Gas projects.

He has been also Key-user, developer and instructor for SAP/R3, within Halliburton HALCO 21 worldwide project.

He was assigned by Halliburton Libya as Senior Engineer for Cementing and Production Enhancement, afterward as Coordinator for Production Enhancement services, furthermore, he was responsible for the Project Management of ENI’s Sabratha offshore project

He has worked as consultant for: ENI in KPO Kazakhstan as  Field Team Leader and Well Service Superintendent,  responsible for planning and managing high profile well intervention activities; CAIRN ENERGY India as Lead WSS, in the well service department.

He is also author of several technical papers and publications (SPE Papers), and also was awarded from BG group in London for an innovative Reduced Emission Project.


Antonio Argenton holds a degree in Geology from the university of Padova – Italy.

He has a long industry experience covering several position of responsibility.

He joined AGIP as wellsite geologist in connection with exploration projects in Italy and then as Chief District Exploration Geologist with IEOC Co. Inc. in Egypt, dealing with geological interpretation of IEOC’s Concessions in the Gulf of Suez.

Antonio has been Technical Leader for ENI Domestic Exploration Department and Exploration Manager Agip (Malaysia) Ltd, managing operated and non-operated exploration activities in Exploration Licenses offshore and onshore Sarawak (East Malaysia) and as Project Leader Exploration New Ventures – C.I.S. & China (onshore) AGIP, Exploration Team Leader NorskAGIP, Exploration New Ventures and Divestment Coordinator – ENI Indonesia.

He has been Global Exploration Advisor & PROE (Regional Studies and New Opportunities Selection) Exploration Project leader dealing with Exploration Projects Quality Assurance, G&G Evaluation of the residual potential of the Central North Sea (UKCS), Basin analysis and as Geological Advisor for ENI China Beijing Offices – New Ventures (Bid) Evaluations South China Sea (from technical data room to EMV).

Antonio Argenton also has long training experience as Lecturer at Milan  and Pavia Universities (G&G Methods & Prospect Evaluation in Hydrocarbon Exploration, shale gas overview, ENI In-house exploration courses, Co-organiser and lecturer of ENI’s in-house seminar on “Creativity in Exploration”, Co-Author Proceedings of IPA’s International Geoscience Conference on Deepwater and Frontier Exploration in Asia & Australasia, 2004: Vice Chairman IPA’s (Indonesia Petroleum Association) International Geoscience Conference on Deepwater and Frontier Exploration in Asia & Australasia.


Adelio Boccaccia is a Senior Well Engineer working as independent consultant for various Companies and in worldwide projects.

He started up his industry career with ENI S.p.A. Drilling Engineer in Italy and West Africa – drawing drilling programs and advising during field activities. He has been involved in the first UBD project in Italy as “Project Focal Point”.

In 2000, he started up an independent drilling consultant career and he has provided advice and support to many oil and energy companies including NAE Port Harcourt, Groove Energy, BG Gas Int. BV Italy, ENEL Green Power, SNPC Congo, GLENCORE EXPL., NAM Netherland in connection with drilling operations, and liaising with all matters concerning well planning, well engineering issues and companies KPI.

He has been involved in several training projects where has provided support to the training activities for AGIP KCO – Kazakhstan, and other Oil Companies.

As senior well engineer has been also in charge of the preparation of well drilling & completion programs for Vega Oil/Petroceltic and Total Gabon (Anguille Field re-development project) including DOM (Drilling Operational Manual) for REPSOLYPF/SONATRACH


Alessandro Brunelli is a chartered engineer graduated from the Politecnico University of Milan – Italy – where holds a degree in Industrial Technology.

Alessandro is an well-recognized expert in the subject of Instruments and Measurements.

He started his career with EMIT (a Technical Institution in the area of Instrument and Measurement) where he covered the position of manager of the LAS Division (Laboratories Automation & Instrumentation).

Alessandro has been a lecturer at Politecnico University of Milan – Italy – for the subject: Mechanical and Thermal Measurements.

Then, he has started a consultant career in the area of measurement and process control for several industrial firms.

Alessandro has provided his expertise in connection with several training projects, and he is author of publications and books in the subject of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Measurement and Process Control, and Instruments Calibration.


Roberto Carpi holds a Ph. D. in Geology, from the University of Milan and has an extensive experience in Seismic Interpretation, Exploration/Reservoir Geoscience in different Petroleum Basins in Africa, Asia and Europe.

Roberto started the industry career with Seismic Processing in ENI then developed as interpreter in reservoir and Exploration for International and Domestic Projects.

He continued his industry career with Edison Gas, as Exploration Coordinator and then Exploration Manager in Iran, with OMV-Petrom he has been Exploration Manager in Kazakhstan and Romania.

Currently,  he is a Consultant in Geophysics and Petroleum Exploration and has a notable experience in advising and supervising Seismic Acquisition and Processing, 2D and 3D seismic interpretation with Petrel, Landmark and IESX, Velocity modelling and Depth Conversion, Depth Mapping, Seismic Inversion, Synthetics and VSPs.

Roberto is currently involved in several technical training projects in the area of competence: Petroleum Geology, Geophysics and Seismic Interpretation.


Vito Caruso holds a H.B Economy and has a long Oil&Gas industry experience with ENI , reaching high level managerial positions in Italy and abroad. Main work experiences include:

Eni Vice President for Middle East based in Doha (Qatar): Business Development in the Middle East Areas where Oil &Gas  agreements have been finalized and implemented with Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia.

General Manager and Managing Director of Agip Tunisie,  where many  agreements have been signed with the Governmental Authorities.

Member of the Operator’s Management Committee and project Director in Agip Gas BV Libyan Branch and Member of the Board of Directors of Agip Gas BV for definition of project schemes and contract strategy for ”Western Libya Gas Project”, production and export.

Lybia Geographic Unit Director based in Milan:

– Chairman of Agip (N.A.M.E.) (North Africa and Middle East)

– Member of the Owner’s Management Committee of Agip Oil Company

– Member of Agip Oil Company and  of Agip Gas BV

Deputy Managing Director and Technical Manager in Agip (N.A.M.E.)  negotiations and finalizations of strategic Agreements.

Negotiation Manager for Angola and Egypt Geographic Units

Projects General Manager in Petrobel, Egypt.

Previous experiences: Montedison, S.I.R. Project Manager.

Cazzini Petroleum Training Experts

Ferdinando Cazzini holds a degree in Geology and is currently teacher of Petroleum Geology at the University of Pavia (Italy) and lecturer in several industry seminars.

He has several decades of industry experience with ENI S.p.A. where he has held several and different positions of responsibility in the area of exploration.

He started up his industry career as Geophysicist in West Africa, moving to Chief Geophysicist in North Africa and Regional Exploration Manager for the Mediterranean and North Sea area.

For several years, he has held the position of Manager of the Worldwide Exploration Projects and has been Director of ENI’s Representative Offices in North and South America.

He has been responsible of the Exploration Prospects and Projects Evaluation for the generation of prospects for drilling as well as the risk assessment and budget preparation.


Roberto Colombo holds a BSc. in Geochemistry and is an experienced industry professional in the area of Reservoir Engineering, O&G Upstream Projects and Planning Management, holding several positions of responsibility both in Italy and, almost for half of his career, in overseas assignments.

He joined ENI and was assigned to the Reservoir Dept. as a Reservoir Geologist  and then after a three year  assignment in Egypt as a Reservoir Team Coordinator in charge of modeling and simulation of ENI assets mainly  in Egypt and China.

He moved to USA where he has been involved in Integrated Reservoir Studies and economic evaluations, unitization and sales of the ENI onshore assets in the North America and in a Company acquisition in the GOM.

As Engineering Manager, he has been in charge of Norsk Agip Engineering Dpt in Stavanger (Norway) for Reservoir, Production, Project and Drilling Dpts. He represented Norsk Agip in development Technical  Committees for the Ekofisk re-development Project and for the Development of Norne and Haltenbanken.

Since then, he has covered several Managerial positions: NOP Assets JV Manager – for the Non Operated Assets in UK, North Sea Region Manager – Responsible for North Sea activities in UK, Norway, Ireland & Faros, Business Planning Manager in Eni UK. Back in Italy he was appointed as Finance Systems Expert, Kararacagianack Liason Manager, Regional Business Analysis Manager for the Central Asia, Far East & Pacific Regions, Senior Business & Planning Manager  responsible for Budget & Forecast consolidation of 5 Business units in North Africa and Project Control of the North Africa & Middle East Assets.

As Serintel consultant, he tough  Reservoir Management & Optimization Courses, Global Oil Economics and International Petroleum Management courses.


Lucio Di Biase is a chartered electro technical engineer of the Italian National Association of Corrosion Engineers and an highly respected expert in the area of corrosion, corrosion control and management.

Lucio has started his professional career with SNAM in 1971 – Italy’s leading company in the transport and dispatching of natural gas – where he has covered several positions of responsibility.

As corrosion engineer, he has carried out Cathodic Protection for third party Companies (such as Saipem, Snamprogetti , etc.)  for the Design, Commissioning, Maintenance, Development of new technologies, on various structures such as pipelines and compressor stations in Italy and overseas (Algeria, Libya, Iran, Iraq, Tanzania, Zambia ).

He has been responsible of SNAM Development Division Unit of Cathodic Protection, dealing with studies and researches on new methodologies for coating fault location, devices for polarization measurements, micro-processor devices, remote control systems and measurement.

Lucio has been Coordinator of research groups on MIC, a.c. corrosion, stress corrosion cracking carrying out  studies on the Hydrogen Embrittlement, Microbial Corrosion, Stress Corrosion Cracking, detectability of corrosion under disbonded coatings and mechanical damages of pipelines.

As Responsible of SNAM Cathodic Protection Unit he has created definition of criteria and standards within the Company for the design, construction, installation, commissioning and maintenance of Cathodic Protection and Remote Control Systems.

In the last period Lucio Di Biase has been the President of Sector A of Ceocor (Cathodic Protection and Corrosion) from 2003 to 2009; later on he has been the President of Ceocor (2009 – 2015).

Currently, Lucio is an international consultant providing his expertise to various activities related to Cathodic Protection Systems. He has a long experience in training and development and ha has been also course coordinator for HAWARD Technologies Middle East.


Livio Felici is a very well experienced Well Services, Completion and Workover engineer with 36 year of industry experience.

He started his career with ENI S.p.A. as workover operation supervisor in Libya and in the following years, he has been involved in several international projects supervising   sub sea work over, completion and well testing operations Nigeria, Angola, Egypt and Malaysia.

From 1999, he covered the position of Well Service, Completion & Workover Superintendent in Kazakhstan and Nigeria, where he was responsible of Company’s project supervision.

From 2010, he has been Well Construction Manager in connection with ZFOD project – Iraq.

Experience as teacher for Completion, Workover and Coiled tubing courses.


Gianbattista Galli started his extensive industry career as Fluid Engineer with IMCO Services, and then he moved to GEO-Vann where he worked as Completion Engineer, involved in several projects in Italy, Tunisia, Egypt, Oman, U.S.A., U.K., Norway, Holland.

He then joined Agip, where he has been appointed as Completion and Well Testing Supervisor in connection with Company’s operations in Italy and North Sea.

He served Geoservices s.a. as deputy base manager in Ortona (Italy), Base Manager in Ravenna (Italy) and Technical Manager in Tripoli (Libya).

Currently, he is an independent consultant in the area of completion and workover, providing expertize in connection with several major worldwide projects such as technical support to drilling and completion operations (ENI Kazakhstan- Kashagan project) – QA/QC inspector of completion tools (Murphy Oil Malaysia).

Experience as teacher in Well Area Courses ( Completion, Workover, Wireline, Well Testing).


Diego Giacca graduated in Chemistry from the University of Trieste and joined eni e&p in 1969. He was first assigned to the Drilling Fluids & Rock Mechanics Laboratory and, then, in 1972, to the newly constituted Drilling Engineering & Technology Department, where he worked for 14 years. During this time he spent periods in the Operational Departments, both in Italy and abroad (Libya, Nigeria, Congo).  Then he worked as Manager of the Well Area Laboratories, which dealt with topics, such as: drilling fluids, cementing operations, production optimization, rock mechanics and environment.

During his career, he was involved in well planning, casing design, overpressure detection (co-author of the Sigmalog method for overpressure detection and quantification, overburden and fracture gradient calculation from seismics, drilling parameters  and sonic log processing), drilling fluids optimization, rheology and hydraulics, wellbore stability, subsidence, environmental issues, not only from the support-to-operations standpoint, but also from the research side.  He was member of the “Blow-out Intervention Team”, which worked on the blow-outs of the well Oniku South 1 (Nigeria) and well Loango 626 (Congo).

From 1990 to 2004, he was Member of the eni e&p Committee for the evaluation of the Research & Technological Development Projects and from 2001-2004 he was Member of the Work Group on Application of the Kyoto Protocol within the Company. In the period 2002-2004, he was Programme Manager of two eni strategic projects: “Geological Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide” and “Sulphur Management During Exploration and Production Activities”.

From 2005 to 2016  he was instructor in position of consultant in numerous courses, from 2005 to 2015, organized by eni e&p, Saipem, Stogit, Serintel, Proenergy, Geolog on drilling muds, cements and cementing operations, drilling engineering, overpressures detection and evaluation, directional drilling, rheology and hydraulics, produced water management, environmental issues. In 2009-2010, he held, as Professor, the course on “Drilling Engineering” at the Politecnico di Torino.

He wrote about 20 technical papers and several manuals on different topics, such as casing and tubing design, overpressures, directional drilling, drilling engineering, well cementing, drilling fluids engineering, well design. He is also co-author of the eni publication “Hydrocarbons: Origin, Exploration and Production” (2005) and of the Chapter “Drilling of Directional and Horizontal Wells” (2009) of the Treccani Encyclopaedia of Hydrocarbons.


Nazzareno Giovagnoli is an experienced Maintenance Management Engineer in the oil and gas industry and has an international work experience with ENI in several geographic areas.

He is currently an Asset Integrity System Team Leader for ADCO-Rome/Abu Dhabi

He started up his career as instrument and maintenance intructor for chemical Industry and then as section supervisor and coordinator in Congo for the overall activities at off shore field and the commissioning activities of DCS system and TIE in of new platforms in the Loango field.

In Nigeria and Libya, he covered the position of Maintenance Superintendent where he has been responsible for Maintenance activities of main plant facility of Oil & Gas Plants located at Land area (Ebocha-Obiafu) and Coordination of the Operations Major Maintenance activities (Integrated Operations and Budgetary Plan) for desert area field (A-Bu Attifel) and Off-shore area field (Bouri).

Nazzereno also covered the position of maintenance manager in Kazakhstan ENI-KPO – Karachaganak –    for the management of all the Operations Maintenance activities.

Recently, he has worked as Engineering team Maintenance Manager Advisor in connection with Consulting for Maintenance Engineering aspects included in Iraq Zubair O&G field project and as Asset Integrity Management Team leader for ADCO in Rome and Abu Dhabi.

Nazzareno has a considerable experience in training activities particularly devoted to assess the real competency, to verify the skill-education gaps, consequently defining correct training plan for competency development growing up – including Master courses for maintenance engineers and technicians.


Amato Gusmeroli is a Senior Well Completion and Services Engineer with decades of worldwide industry experience with several oil Companies.

He started up his career with ENI S.p.A. – Exploration & Production division – where he was assigned to different projects as Completion and Workover Supervisor (Lybia and Egypt) in connection with field operations in Bouri field, Bu-Attifel field and Belaym field.

Then he has spent some year at the ENI headquarters in Italy where he was in charge of completion design, AFE’s, tendering and bidding evaluation for Company’s international projects.

He also covered the position of Production Area Manager for the operations of the Agbara Oil Field (Nigeria).

As Service Manager he spent seven years in a top side and sub-sea valve’s manufacturer company for oil & gas industry.

As independent consultant, he was seconded from ENI S.p.A. to Iran, Tunis and Kazakhstan as Completion and Production Advisor.

Lately, he has provided advice and support to OMV where he has covered the position of Manager of Completion & Workover Department.

Experience as teacher in Well Area courses.


Fabio Martini holds a BSc. in Chemistry and has an extensive energy industry experience mostly with ENI S.p.A. where he has covered several positions as Project Manager and lately as Planning Engineer at NIP (New Initiative and Projects) department and SIPI (IT Planning Systems) unit.

He is an expert on fiscal and contractual rules and computer implications, and has dedicated his work to the analysis of Oil Contracts and to manage study projects (BMS – Business Management System) to make economic evaluations of oil development projects, to certify the Hydrocarbon reserves and to perform “Ceiling Test”.

He has been in charge of complex technical solutions and models development for the analysis of contract, tax rules, accounting standards

He has a wide experience as teacher for strategic planning and global oil economics managerial courses.


Paolo Martini holds a BSc. in Geology and has more than 25 years of industry experience in the Geoscience area.

Paolo Martini has covered technical and managerial positions in exploration, wellsite operations and reservoir characterization.

He started his industry career with ENI S.p.A. as wellsite geologist, then moving to operational geologist and supervisor for Italian and international projects and as petrophysicist has consistent experience in log analysis, integrated petrophysical interpretation, complex lithology evaluation.

As Senior Petrophysicist and Reservoir Geologist he has been working on several ENI E&P projects, spanning from Australia to Pakistan, Nigeria and Kazakhstan.

Recently, he has been Principal Geologist for Northern Petroleum Plc. where he was responsible for exploration licenses administration, acreage applications, relationships and presentations to the Italian competent ministry, and petrophysical interpretation for the whole company portfolio.

Currently he is a consultant geologist providing expertise to international oil companies: Northern Petroleum, Ouro Preto Resources, Apennine Energy, Italmin Exploration and Sound Energy Morocco, where he is currently Petroleum Operations Manager – in connection with geological operations, petrophysical analysis, new business screening, license and Farm out campaign assistance, and training in Reservoir Geology.


Elio Nappi holds a BSc. Degree in Chemical Engineering and he is Commissioning Manager at Cv Service group.

During his extensive industry career, he has provided expertise and advice to several energy Companies in connection with many worldwide projects.

He started his industry career as Project Engineer, having the opportunity to provide expertise for Petrochemical Plant Projects

With Technipetrol (now Technip) he started to work on Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning activities dealing with Gas Treatment and Refinery units in IRAQ and Aden.

Then, he joined significant Agip / Saipem projects as responsible of Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning activities (Tiffany on North Sea + Bouri Lybia, Bu-Attifel Lybia).

With SBM/Saipem, he worked as FPSO Operations Manager in Nigeria and then in (Kazakhstan) within KPO Organization as Senior Field Operation Engineer for the study and production optimization and training and as Commissioning Manager with Saipem/Ersai  for for Jack Up Drilling and Precommissioning and Commissioning activities.

He is currently consultant for oil and gas project design and training.


Maurizio Pizzamiglio is a chemical engineer with a long industry professional career in the area of drilling and completion engineering.

He joined AGIP as drilling supervisor, responsible of well site operations in several projects. He has a gained a considerable experience in Well Control procedures and operations, providing his expertise in connection with AGIP projects in UK, Kazakhstan, China, Pakistan, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Egypt ,Algeria ,Libya, Tunisia, Congo,  Angola, Nigeria, Venezuela, USA, Ecuador, Iran, Iraq.

Maurizio has been involved into the development of New Drilling Technologies (SDD Straighthole Drilling Device – Vertitrack).

On behalf of ENI, he has been component of the Drilling Emergency Group of Assomineraria (the Italian Petroleum and Mining Industry Association), and component of ENI Well Emergency Team – a dedicated work group whose objective is to provide specialized support to blow out control interventions.

He is a lecturer in the Petroleum Engineering Master Course – University of Torino and instructor for ENI drilling and IWCF training courses.


Pierluigi Puntri holds a Ph.D. in Mining Engineering / Petroleum Engineering from the University of Bologna, Italy) and he has many years of experience in the Oil Industry.

He started up with Agip; (ENI), serving both in Italy, and abroad (Egypt, Libya, Congo, Nigeria, Kazakhstan) in the area of Reservoir Engineering, Reservoir & Petroleum Engineering, and Integrated Fields Development & Exploitation.

Later Pier Luigi has been a consultant, and co-founder of a consulting firm (Orion Energy srl), giving services in the areas of Reservoir Engineering, Reservoir & Petroleum Engineering, and Integrated Fields Development & Exploitation, again in Italy and abroad (in Kazakhstan, Georgia). With SERPRO (Socotec group) he has been a Technical Advisor for Petroleum Engineering in Sonatrach field Hassi Messaoud in Algeria,and then a Reservoir Engineering Manager in Tbilisi (Georgia) for Frontera Resources.

Pier Luigi has covered the position of Technical Advisor, with Teknica, for Field Development Plans in Pemex, Mexico (El Paraiso).

He can boast a solid work experience in reservoir management, Wells productivity optimization, Reservoir engineering studies with 3D models, Unitization activities, feasibility studies.

During his professional activities he has been required to provide his professional abilities in the area of Training & Tutoring of personnel in reservoir and petroleum engineering, design of training courses material and coordination of training programs.


Roberto Quagliaroli holds a degree in Geology and has a long industry career record in the area of wellsite and operational geology.

He started his career with Agip where he covered the position of well site geologist and then operational geologist in Italy and Libya.

As Head Operational Geologist in Gabon and Egypt, he has been responsible of the Agip subsurface activities in the countries, in charge of the geological operations for the onshore and off-shore Nile Delta, for the Gulf of Suez and for the Western Desert exploration permits, also liaising with local Authorities.

Roberto has been a Project and Technical Leader for Surface Logging Technologies in Milan Italy, for ENI, Agip Division, focusing in Research and Development Studies in Geological Well Site interpretations and in Surface Logging/Mud Logging applications. He has been assigned by ENI in UK and Tehran as Head Operational Geologist in charge of geological operations for the appraisal and development of the offshore South Pars Field, and for the appraisal and development phases of the land Darquain oil Field.

He has worked as Consultant Operations Geologist for Repsol YPF for Well Planning and Geological operations in Algeria, Spain and British Guyana.

He is currently a reputed Consultant Geologist for Gas and Oil Development Projects and as teacher for operational Geology Courses.


Giacomo Sarzi Sartori holds a BSc. in Petroleum Engineering and was a petroleum consultant for reservoir management with Murphy Oil and instructor for ENI Corporate University in the area of competence.

He joined ENI in 1981 as Reservoir Engineer dealing with field studies (North Sea and North Africa).

He has covered the position of Reservoir Department Head in Egypt and Reservoir Team Leader for a wide range of reservoir studies, spanning from the Mediterranean area to Caspian Sea where he has also covered the position of Petroleum and Reservoir Manager, dealing with detailed planning, integration and implementation of reservoir engineering studies to focus the critical characteristics aimed at optimization of field development.

With Murphy Oil he was responsible of Reservoir Management Optimization carrying out reservoir studies, numerical simulation, and development scenarios.

Experience as teacher in reservoir characterization, modeling and simulation.

tambini Petroleum Training Experts

Mauro Tambini holds a BSc. in Chemical Engineering and has 38 years of industry experience working with ENI as Production Optimization Senior Professional.

He is currently working as oil and gas industry consultant and university lecturer.

Since he joined ENI, he has worked on national and international projects focusing on chemical treatments, matrix stimulation, hydraulic fracturing, coiled tubing operations, production logging, water management, well performance and well problem analysis.

He has been manager of the Production Optimization Development Technologies and Production Chemical Laboratories.

Lately, he was appointed as coordinator for the development of Company’s unconventional assets.

He has served on international committees and boards such as Europec, Formation Damage, ATCE, Italia SPE section, International Forum and Workshops.

He has published several technical papers and publications and books including “Production Optimization Treatment”.

He has a wide industry and university teaching experience in the area of competence.


Patrizio Torrese is currently Assistant Professor in Applied Geophysics at University of Pavia, Italy. He holds a MSc. Degree in Geology and a PhD from the University of Chieti – Pescara – Italy.

Patrizio has covered several positions within different universities, research institutes and can boast a technical-scientific and professional consulting activity.

He has participated to several Funded Research Projects – on behalf of MIUR (Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research) – such as Improvement and Development of Geophysical Methods for Soil Seismic Characterization, Subsoil geological exploration in unstable slope areas and dynamic parameterization of soils using geophysical methods, Improvement and Development of Geophysical Methods and Numerical Modeling Aimed at the Study of Unstable Slopes in High Seismic Hazard Areas.

During his Technical-Scientifical and Professional Consulting Activity, Patrizio has been a consultant of several Engineering Corporations within “Plan Maestro de Agua Potable de San Pedro Sula-Honduras” Project, Senior Data Processing Geophysicist of ACTS (Advanced Construction Technology Services) team (GGM S.r.l.) within IDRIS (Inner Doha Resewearge Implementation Strategies) Doha, Qatar.

Within universities, he has taught several programs such as: Applied Geophysics, Subsoil Geological Exploration, Light Geognostic and Geophysical Surveys, Applied Geophysics and Underground Surveys, Terrestrial Physics and Geophysics.

He has been involved as Serintel consultant in training materials elaboration and course holding on Microseismicity and Surface monitoring Stations and seismic interpretation.


Giuseppe Trabucchi holds a BSc. Degree in Physics and is currently an independent oil and gas industry consultant in the area of Production/Maintenance engineering.

After graduation, he joined ENI (formerly AGIP S.p.A.) in 1977 as Production Engineer and then Production expert in connection with several gas projects in Italy.

He was appointed as Field Superintendent for the operational management of  Villafortuna/Trecate and Gaggiano fields (important ENI/Agip oil assets) in Italy and then he was the Surface Facilities Expert at Crema Operational District, where he was in charge of feasibility studies of new projects, technical, economical and managing aspects, operating procedures of commissioning-start up facilities.

Then, he was appointed as Deputy Field Manager and Production General Manager for Ashrafi field (Red Sea) – Egypt – accounting for planning, coordinating, and supervising all aspect of Production activities, setting up wells team and responsible for all well operations, optimization and production follow up.

He also covered the position of Production Manager for ENI Iran where he was accountable for commissioning of the Darquain plant activity, and Operation Manager for ENI Algeria.

Experience as teacher for production and maintenance courses and for gap analysis design.


Pietro Valente is an Electrotecnical Engineer having a long experience in Drilling / Well Operations and Training.

He started his career with AGIP working as drilling supervisor both onshore and offshore in Italy, Nigeria, Tunisia, Yemen and Somalia on land rig, platform, jack-up and semi-sub installations.

He then spent 3 years in Tunisia working as Drilling Engineer / Drilling Superintendent for onshore and offshore drilling activity.

Returned to Italy, he was appointed as Senior Drilling Engineer in ENI-AGIP Headquarters in Milan for international Projects and has been responsible for Drilling Engineering and becoming an Expert of Ultra-Deep HP-HT wells.

He ended up his career with ENI-AGIP as Drilling Optimization Team Leader, Expert of Ultra-Deep HP/HT wells, Drilling Technical Leader, New Technology, Project Manager and as Drilling Instructor.

He is currently working as Consultant for Drilling & Well Operations for several Oil & Gas Companies and is providing his experience and expertise in connection with several training projects.

He is also author of many papers on Innovative Drilling Technologies in cooperation with University of Bologna and ENI’s R&D Department.

Angelo Zuffetti is an electro-technical engineer and has a long petroleum industry experience in the area of project management.

Angelo worked with Agip as electrical engineer and spent many years working in Africa and Middle East carrying out supervisory activity to several projects related to maintenance of power station plants: Buattifel in Libya, El Borma in Tunisia,  Brass terminal in Nigeria, Loango in Congo, Nar and Kangan in Iran, Halfaya  in Iraq.

As project Manager, he has been in charge of the construction of the facilities, reservoir study and wells drilling relevant to the underground storage field of Cortemaggiore, Italy, construction of the Abu Madi LPG/NGL in Egypt, construction of the Petreco oil centre at Abu Rudeis .

At ENI Headquarter, Angelo has been Project Manager with a dedicated task force for the development of onshore/offshore projects in the Egypt, Middle East, and the Adriatic offshore projects.

With EDISON, Angelo has covered the position of Technical Manager to follow the Joint Ventures in Egypt ( Rosetta and West Delta Deep Marine offshore Concessions, IDKU LNG plant), Manager of Authorization and Expediting department to obtain the EIA decrees for the offshore LNG regasification plant. Angelo as Senior Project Manager managed the replacement of two FSO for the Vega and Rospo offshore field in Italy with the conversion of two crude oil tankers.

With PROGER S.p.A. as Offshore and  Floaters Director at the Milano branch offices has carried out project management and coordination of engineering activities for onshore and offshore projects.

During his long professional career, Angelo has been involved in several training projects such as Training on the job of Project Management techniques, preparation of documentation and manuals, planning, wbs, budget, cost control, work progress, reporting, ecc, and technical training for the operators of the power stations and electrical engineers for domestic and abroad electrical facilities.

Maurizio Di Iorio  is a mechanical engineer specialized in the area of well completion.
Maurizio has spent most of his professional career working for top oil services Companies on international oil and gas projects.

He started his career as tool operator for Stepier Drilling Equipment. He joined Baker Oil Tools and Baker Sand Control where he covered the supervisor position in connection with ali completion activities related to worldwide project in Europe and Africa. Later, he joined Otis Engineering where he was in charge of job preparation, personnel management and coordination. In 1994 he moved further his professional career with Halliburton where he was appointed as Completion Manager, dealing
with the design and developrnent of single and dual completions, multiple grave I pack jobs in cased and open holes, safety valves, slickline jobs, standard and HPHT environment .

With Halliburton, he has been also a Senior Account Leader following ENI activities worldwide studying and developing new projects and new technologies, he has also covered the role of Technical Advisor for Chevron Malongo (Angola) for two years.

Starting Jan 2014 he joined Adrialpetro (South America service company) as Manager Director for South America and Spain.

Mr Di lorio has been co-author of 3# SPEpublication:
1° SPE 28868 Thru Tubing Sand Control CirculatlngTechnique
2° SPE60693 Coiled Tubing for SlimHole Cementing and Completing.
3° SPE135537 Capillary Deliquification Maintaining Well Safety Requirements

He has a long international training experience: in Iraq, in connection with ZFOD Well Area Operation Training Program dedicated to drilling and completion engineers and in Ecuador and Colombia for well completion supervisor.

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