Distance Teaching on line


On Line Distance Teaching is a training method that does not include the front presence of the students rather than the teacher.
An innovative model for the provision of distance learning courses, involves audio / video simultaneous presence of the teacher than the students. The latter may be located geographically at any distance and present simultaneously in a single classroom or, where necessary for the needs of the client, at autonomous workstations, suitably connected.


To guarantee the customer the same effectiveness of that mode with respect to the joint presence of the teacher and students in the same class, it adopts a web platform as technological tool to deliver the courses and the contents of which are suitable to be enjoyed in this manner.
To use this mode, just an Internet connection and a computer running Windows, MAC or Linux. You can follow the unfolding of the lessons also via mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad and Android by downloading the free app. Also you can connect through your video conferencing system.


Key capabilities made available to the teacher and the students allow:

  • creation of a virtual classroom in which all course materials, including registration of the various sessions, useful for future reference and for administrative findings will be available
  • started the lesson the teacher will appear by video on the monitor of the students and presents them on line (in real time) the course of the educational content (files, videos, photos, exercises, questionnaires, etc.).
  • the teacher sees the students present at the lecture, which can interact in real time to seek clarification
  • the teacher can enable students to work on the ‘whiteboard’ Course
  • You can involve other geographically distant experts from both the teacher and the students
  • during or at the end of the lesson, the teacher can assign students to specific operations to be performed (filling in questionnaires, specific tasks, in-depth materials, etc.)
  • at the end of the lesson, the teacher stays connected with students through the chat to discuss the details of the course; you can share new files and comments, review records and notes
  • the secure virtual classroom space remains available for all the time necessary


Distance learning offers the following advantages:

  • reset trip teacher costs
  • activation of the course in short not being necessary to carry out all the bureaucratic and logistical practices (visas time, travel, etc.)
  • where necessary, students can take advantage of the course from their workstation
  • possibility of involving more experts simultaneously

Critical issues

The critical issues in the adoption of distance learning are:

  • require the presence of a tutor to ensure the active participation of students
  • proper configuration of the tools used by the customer (internet connection, suitable webcam to classroom shooting, connect the PC to the projector and its screen on the wall)
  • quote tailored training (if necessary and even from a distance) the tutor use of the instruments provided


Planned the course, Serintel, via the platform, sends participants an invitation to connect to the date and time scheduled. The invited students can be in front of your desk or in specially equipped room (projector connected to a PC, webcam with microphone to resume the entire class). In the second case it requires the presence of a tutor to complete the administrative and support functions to the participants. The conduct of the lesson is completely interactive between teacher and students. Exercises / Questionnaires can be transmitted individually to the participants (if everyone is connected by its own booth) or post to the tutor, which provides the printing, distributing, collecting, scanning and sending to the teacher, to control the results.